Client Centered Investment Advice


At Obsidian Investment Management, we
are objective, trusted, investment
advisors. We are not stock pickers or
market timers. We do not have a  black
box, a crystal ball, or any other “system”
to beat the market. We do not promise
exorbitant investment returns. We do not
get paid by any product manufacturer to
distribute their investment product.

We are dedicated to helping clients meet
their investment objectives. We do this by
building individual investment portfolios
that are diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient,
and appropriate for each client’s
objectives and risk tolerance.

Successful investment management
means building low-cost, tax-efficient,
globally diversified portfolios that match
clients’ risk profiles and deliver the
highest expected returns (based on
historical time series) for that risk.


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Our investment philosophy is based
on a few simple facts:

1.        It is very difficult for active
managers to beat the market on a cost,
tax and risk adjusted basis for any
sustained period of time. We use  
economical,  passive investments that
we believe will outperform active

2.        No one can predict future returns
of any security or time one’s entrance or
exit from the markets. The key to success
is not timing the market but  time in the

3.        In a free market riskier
investments produce higher returns
over the long run; small stock returns
will exceed large stock returns,
corporate bond returns will exceed the
returns on Treasuries, and returns on
high-quality short term cash investments
will be safer but relatively small.

4.        Asset allocation, or the amount
allocated to different investment
alternatives (i.e. Stocks, Bonds, Cash), is
the most important decision in the  
investment process.

5.        Clients have different investment
goals with different time horizons;
accordingly, their ability to tolerate risk
(market volatility) varies widely.