Most investors spend more time
planning a vacation each year than
they spend planning and monitoring
their investments.

In my 20 years as a Financial
Planner, Investment Advisor and
Retirement Educator I have found
that most investors lack the time,
resources, discipline, and emotional
wherewithal to properly manage
their money in today's volatile
markets. They rely on co-workers,
magazines, websites, and
stockbrokers for investment ideas.

But are theses sources reliable? Are
the investments your broker
recommends better for you? Or for

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Unlike brokers, Registered Investment
Advisors must put their client's interests
above their own. At Obsidian Investment
Management we take that to a higher
level by using today's cutting edge,
economical, and individually focused
investments and strategies to help our
clients reach their financial goals.

Diversification is the key to investment
success. Properly spread amongst
Large, Mid, and Small cap ETFs,
overseas, natural resources, real estate,
and bond ETFs your money will have
the potential to earn more in up markets
and, more importantly, lose less in down
markets. Investment portfolios start at a
minimum of $100,000.

If you or someone you know are
concerned about reaching their financial
goals or worried about the performance
of their current investments call Dan
Maffetone for an appointment at  (516)